Workout program for Pregnant women

 Helle's Work out Program for Pregnant Women

The goal with this program is to give you the information and exercises you need to be active and strong during your pregnancy.  The exercises will make you strong and flexible and give you a good muscle balance through your pregnancy. 
It is also a goal to prevent and reduce pain and problems in your body as typically hips, back and pelvis. With this program and the exercises below you will have the exercises you need to give you and the little one a strong and flying start.

The program contains of the following elements: 

1: Register your results: Your own page where you can register your results.

2: A Basic workout program:  A program to ensure you have a good techniuqe and understanding of the pelvis, stomach, butt and shoulders. 

3: A full workout program for you as pregnant: A full program you can do through your pregnancy at home or in a gym. 

4: A workout schedule per trimester through your pregnancy.

5:  Which exercises to priority when having pain or discomfort in your body

6: Helle's top 10 workout tips during your pregnancy.

7: How to take it to the next level! What to do next to shine!

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