Shine Workout program

Let`s Shine Workout program

In this program you will learn the basic exercises that will activate your muscles that will make easier to tone and sculpture your body (LEVEL 1) .These workout techniques will make sure that you workout safely and efficient. The techniques are used in all of my workout programs and you can use the techniques in other sports too. These exercises are great to implement in any kind of workout and will make it easier to make it burn in the different muscle groups. You will use a cloth or wool socks in this program

You will also get a home/studio program that will give you more resistant training and more results after you manage the basic program. (LEVEL 2). You will use weights (or bags or kettle bells) in this program.

The goal with the two workout programs and the "Shine workout program" is to give you:

- A stronger pelvis and stomach

- A flat stomach

- A better posture

- A stronger back 

- A increased shoulder strength

- A stronger buttocks (gluteus)

- A better hip, back and shoulder mobility 

- Strengthen and tone your thighs 

- Strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders. 

In LEVEL 1 program you only need cloths or wool socks. 
In LEVEL 2 program you need weights or other kinds of resistance. 

PS: To really Shine it`s important to also priority "my Let`s Shine Nutrition program" and "My Let`s shine Lifestyle program".

The program contains the following elements:

1: Register your results! Your own page to register your results. Click here.

2: Your workout programs  LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and the exercises explained in videos.

3: A 21 days workout plan! When and how you should do your program. You will also get daily advices to reach your goal.

4: My top 3 tips
to secure your results!

5: How you can take it to the next level. What to do next to shine!

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